Best Ozonators from China (2023 Review)

Best Ozonators from China

We focus on presenting you premium and cost-effective ozonators from China.

Multifunction Ozonator

Integrated ozone washing and laundry solution for fruit, vegetable and meat in kitchen and laundry room.
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Faucet Ozonator

After connected to the faucet, the ozonated water can clean and disinfect fruits, vegetables and meat from pesticide residues and hormone.
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Commercial Ozonator

The most cost-efficient ozone disinfection solution for fruits, vegetables and meat in commercial kitchens.
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Laundry Ozonator

Small but powerful, it is an alternative to old-fashioned laundry to make your clothes softer, fluffier and durable.
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Water Tank Ozonator

Replacing chemical products, it is a reliable provider of clear, pure and odor-free water for Water Tank Ozonator.
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A ozonator can turn ordinary tap water into ozonated water by injecting ozone gas into the water. Ozonated water is a natural disinfectant with a reasonable concentration. It can neutralize bacteria, viruses, pathogens and other harmful microorganisms present in the water. Heavy metals such as manganese, copper and iron can be oxidized by ozonated water into solid and easily removable particles for an easier physical filtration. The oxidation capacity of ozone can also be used to remove odors present in water.

The application of ozonated is a more effective, safer and environment-friendly cleaning and sterilization method than chemical solutions. Ozone can only stay in water for 20 minutes after it is generated. It will quickly degrade into oxygen, leaving no harmful residue that can harm human health.

The following are the 5 ozonators we selected from quality manufacturers in China with considerable market competitiveness:

5 Best Ozonators from China

1.Multifunction Ozone Disinfection Solution: Multifunction Ozonator
2.Automatic Ozone Sanitizer for Kitchen: Faucet Ozonator
3.High-Purity Ozone for Commercial Use: Commercial Ozonator
4.Lite & Powerful Ozone Washing Machine: Laundry Ozonator
5.Best Water Tank Ozone Sterilizer: Water Tank Ozonator

#1 Multifunction  Ozonator

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Designed for multiple applications such as fruits and vegetable washing and laundry
Can be connected to a faucet or a bubble stone
Features a real-time display of the working status on its LED display
Touch buttons make the use convenient
Work automatically by detecting water flow
Safe 12V voltage


Lack wall hooks to hang it onto the wall
This Multifunction Ozonator can satisfy households for the demands of both ozone gas for air and surface disinfection and ozonated water. Its multifunction lies in that it can be used for both kitchen fruit and vegetable meat cleaning and for daily laundry. Its housing is made of high-quality ABS plastic and is treated with high-quality powder coating. On its front panel, there is an LED display showing the real-time working status of the device when it is working. 2 touch buttons on either side make the use of this device very simple and easy. The switch and water pipe interfaces are located on both sides, with mounting holes on the back for easy hanging.

It comes with a built-in air pump that allows it to be used either as an ozone water generator by connecting to a faucet or as an ozonator without a faucet. It will automatically detect the flow of water to achieve automatic work without any manual operation. Its timing feature allows users to easily set their working hours. Its compact appearance keeps it from taking up too much space.

Key Features:

Voltage: 12V
Power: 6W
Weight: 0.5kg
Size: 12.5*4.4*16.3cm
Ozone Concentration: 1-3ppm

Our Experience:

This silver-white Multifunction Ozonator has excellent workmanship and solid construction. It can be used for long period of time of family use in the case of regular use intensity. The adjustment of the device is done by touch buttons, which is a popular method at present. They are less prone to damage than traditional keys. Its compact size makes it easy to install anywhere suitable. Although small, with the use of high-quality ozone generating unit, it can provide a stable concentration of 1-3ppm of ozonated water. When used, the user can choose to connect it directly to the faucet or use it through the bubble stone according to their preferences.

Work with a Faucet Aerator

With a faucet aerator, this water ozonator can be connected directly to the faucet. The water ozonator will work automatically when the device detects water flow. The ozone gas will then dissolve into water to produce ozonated water.
Convenience is the biggest benefit of this method. When washing fruits and vegetables, meat, etc., just open the faucet and you will instantly acquire ozonated water with strong oxidizing capacity and strong disinfection ability.

Work with a Bubble Stone

Using a bubble stone is another way to produce ozonated water with this water ozonator. Simply use a water tube to connect the water ozonator and a bubble stone. The porous structure of the bubble stone can gradually introduce ozone into the water, thus generating ozonated water.
The benefit of using a bubble stone to generate ozonated water is that it is easier to control the ozone dissolution time, so as to make it easier in the acquisition of ozonated water at a certain concentration.

What Customers Are Saying:

One of our customers from Melbourne praised the versatility of this Multifunction Ozonator for its ease of use. It can work automatically by detecting the flow of water with a Hall switch, unlike one of her previous ones, which had to be turned on manually every time. The peripheral accessories of this ozonator are also complete. You don't need to buy anything else to use it. Another customer from Quebec was so pleased with the installation process that he completed all the installation work in just ten minutes. He uses it to clean vegetables from his garden. We also have a customer from Malaysia who told us that he bought this from us almost two years ago. Until today, it is still working stably. This shows that it still has a very stable performance after a long time of use. He said it was the easiest way to turn tap water from taps into ozonated water.

#2 Faucet Ozonator

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Small in size
Convenient touch button
Can be connected directly to a faucet
Work automatically with no manual operation
Safe 12V voltage


Lack timing function
This Faucet Ozonator is an ozonated water generating device designed to work with a faucet. When there is water flow detected in the faucet, it will be activated and work automatically. It is the best choice for washing fruits, vegetables and meat in the kitchen to remove pesticide residues and hormones. Its shell is made of high-quality ABS plastic, and there is only one indicator light on its front panel. Its simple design indicates that it can be easily used. Instead of any traditional switches, this Faucet Ozonator will be activated automatically by detecting the flow of water. Its small size makes it easy to hang anywhere near the faucet without interfering with other activities in the kitchen.

Key Features:

Voltage: 12V
Power: 6W
Weight: 0.5kg
Size: 12.5*4.4*16.3cm
Ozone Concentration: 0.5-1ppm

Our Experience:

This Faucet Ozonator is smaller in size than the previous Multifunction Ozonator. Its smaller size makes it more convenient and flexible to be installed and used. Its shell is also made of high-quality ABS plastic that guarantees its durability in places where corrosive liquids may be present, such as the kitchen. It is also capable of working automatically by monitoring water flow. So, there is no physical switch in this ozonator. There is only one indicator light on its front panel. It adopts a safe voltage level at 12V and a low power level at 6W. There will not be a large electricity cost even after a long term use or standby.

What Customers Are Saying:

One of our customers said that this ozonator was easy to install and use. And he was also happy with the price. Compared with her previous ozonator of another brand, it has a higher cost performance. After being used for over one and half a year, there was still no problems with it. Another customer from Manchester told us how easily he used collodion to attach the device to the wall. Since it is quite light in weight, it can be firmly held in place. It has been used for a long time and there is no sign of falling off. Another customer from Japan told us that she had been using this ozonator to wash and disinfect raw meat. She found a significant improvement in the decrease of hormone contamination of raw meat. Soaking meat before cooking can achieve a better taste after cooked. Another customer even uses the ozonated water it generates to clean a towel in the kitchen that often wipes up spilled milk. She found that after soaking in the ozone water for half an hour, the odor on the towel was 100% eliminated. The towel regained its fresh smell once again.

#3 Commercial Ozonator

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Real-time display of the working status on its LED display
High quality stainless steel case
Concentration of ozonated water can be customized
Work automatically by detecting water flow
Features built-in PSA oxygen generator, air compressor and air dryer
Easy to install, use and maintenance


Still need to buy accessories to use it
Featuring a full set of air pretreatment equipment, this Commercial Ozonator can provide a stable supply of ozonated water at concentrations 1-3 ppm for multiple applications. Compared with the ozone generation method using air as feed gas, it has a built-in PSA oxygen generator, an air compressor, an air dryer and an air pump. The addition of these devices promise the high purity oxygen for ozone generation. By using oxygen to generate ozone, there will be no formation of harmful byproducts such as nitrogen oxides. With the built-in water pressure sensor, it can work automatically.

The shell of this Commercial Ozonator is made of high-quality stainless steel, which provides good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The installation is simple. Only a simple pipe connection is required before use. When it is working, it can provide a water flow between 200 and 1200L per hour according to different application requirements. Its operating voltage can also be selected between 110V and 220V according to the specific requirements from customers. It is suitable for different applications where there is a potential risk of infection contamination such as commercial laundry, dining places, farms, offices, public toilets, especially in the applications including fruit and vegetable washing in commercial kitchens of hotels and restaurants, disinfection of pipes and utensils in small food processing plants and small breweries and wineries, disinfection of laundry rooms and various water tanks.
If you are using this Commercial Ozonator for use in situations where disinfection is more demanding such as in wineries and food plants, we suggest that you take a look at this 5-8 ppm High Concentration Wall Mounted Ozonated Water Machine.

Key Features:

Ozone Output: 5g/h
Ozone Concentration: 1.0-3.0ppm
Ozonated Water Flow: 200-1200L/h
Voltage: 110/220V
Power: 100W/350W
Size: 24.5*16*31cm/41*15.5*35.5cm
Weight: 3.5kg/14kg

Our Experience:

This Commercial Ozonator has a simple exterior design, but the use of high-quality stainless steel gives a very sturdy and durable feel. An LED display screen is located under the front panel, through which a wealth of information about the working status will be displayed when it is working. Without manual operation, the Commercial Ozonator can work automatically by detecting the flow of water via the Hall switch. It does not look very large, but its interior has a wealth of air pretreatment devices such as a PSA oxygen generators, an air compressors and an air dryer. With these devices, ozone will be generated by using high-purity oxygen rather than ordinary air. This will significantly increase the concentration and purity of the ozone. Lots of heat dissipation slots are arranged around the equipment, which can timely diffuse the heat generated when the equipment is working, so as to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

What Customers Are Saying:

One of our commercial kitchens from Belgium commented on this commercial ozonator saying that its shell is thick and it is well made. It has been working stably and reliably for nearly a year, significantly improving the cleaning efficiency of fruits and vegetables. Another customer uses the product to clean raw beef in a cold storage he runs. He measured the concentration of ozonated water and found that it reached the nominal value stated. After half a year of use, he said he believe it will work stably in the long run with no problem. Another customer told us that it was easy to use. He just made a simple plumbing work and then started using it. The ozone concentration level in the water is enough for him to clean the fresh fruit produced in the orchard.

#4 Laundry Ozonator

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Small in size
Cold water laundry reduces hot water consumption
Reduce the use of chemical detergents and bleach
Make clothes softer and fluffier for longer service life
Safe 12V voltage


No easy way to attach it to the wall
As its name suggests, this Laundry Ozonator is a lightweight product for ozone laundry in your laundry room. However, its application is not limited to the laundry room, it can also be installed under the basin in the bathroom for washing face, brushing teeth and other washing purposes. Ozone laundry is a more efficient and environment-friendly washing method than conventional laundry that relies on chemicals. Washing face with ozonated water can maintain skin tone, activate epidermal cells, promote the emission of toxins and boost metabolism.

It is in milky white, and the water pipe interface below is yellow. There are heat dissipation holes on the top to ensure good heat dissipation conditions. This Laundry Ozonator converts the incoming tap water into ozonated water through the ozone generating unit contained inside and then flows out from the water outlet. The connection ports of the inlet water pipe and the outlet water pipe is located at the lower part. And when it is installed, the water pipe only needs to be connected in the direction of the arrow labelled on the product. The power interface and switch are located on the side of the device.

Key Features:

Ozone Concentration: 0.5-1ppm
Ozone Output: 200mg/h
Voltage: 12V
Power: 6W
Weight: 0.5kg
Size: 12.5*4.4*16.3cm

Our Experience:

The shell of this compact Laundry Ozonator is made of high-quality ABS plastic. Because of its small size, it will only take a little space around the washing machine for its installation. It generates ozonated water with a concentration of 0.5-1ppm and can reach an ozone output of 200mg/h. It is very easy and convenient to use this laundry ozonator. You just need to plug the power adapter into the socket, and then plug the power cord into the power interface of the device. This laundry  ozonator is quite energy-efficient. It consumes only 6W per hour when it is used. Due to its ultra-low energy consumption, the amount of electricity it consumes in daily life can be negligible.

What Customers Are Saying:

One of our customers praised this Laundry Ozonator for its easy connection to his washing machine. It took him only a short moment to complete the installation. Another customer from Mexico said that while it could not completely replace detergent, it could at least reduce the cost of chemical detergents to some extent. And importantly, the need for hot water is cut. She uses this device to wash some of her more upscale clothes and has found that ozone laundry provides better protection. And it uses 12V safe voltage, there is no risk of any electric shock.

#5 Water Tank Ozonator

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The most eco-friendly way to treat water
Kill a variety of harmful microorganisms
Stable ozone output
Significantly reduce the cost of chemical laundry products
Easy to install and use


Lack timing function
SPA and hot tub water often contains body oils and other biodegradable compounds. These components are difficult to completely remove through general disinfection methods. This Water Tank Ozonator offers an environment-friendly way to purify water. Through the oxidation of ozone, it can be used to neutralize harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, algae, and yeast contained in SPA or hot tub. With this ozonator especially designed for SPA and hot tub, the use of chemical ingredients can be reduced, the chloride content of the water can be reduced and odors in the water can be eliminated, making it easier to provide clear, pure and odorless water. This will greatly reduce or eliminate skin, eye, and nose irritation caused by previous use of chlorinated water. The use of ozone disinfection can also reduce the maintenance cost of equipment and extend the service life of equipment.

Key Features:

Ozone Concentration: 0.5-1ppm
Ozone Output: 200mg/h
Voltage: 220V
Power: 6W
Weight: 0.5kg
Size: 14.7*9.7*4cm

Vital Safety Instructions:

1. Read and adhere to all instructions.
2. Do not use this Water Tank Ozonator for any purpose other than water treatment and follow the instructions.
3. Do not use this Water Tank Ozonator in air purification applications.
4. Only use this Water Tank Ozonator outdoors or in an area with sufficient ventilation.
5. Avoid inhaling the ozone directly from the discharge tube.
6. Avoid releasing ozone in areas without water as inhalation can irritate the lungs. If symptoms occur, immediately move to a well-ventilated area. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention promptly.
7. Operate this Water Tank Ozonator only after its permanent installation has been completed.
8. Under no circumstances should this Water Tank Ozonator be touched when wet or with wet hands, as it may result in a fatal electrical shock.
9. Ensure that you connect the device to a grounded receptacle or power supply on a 20 ampere or less branch circuit equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFI).
10. Avoid burying the electrical cord.
11. WARNING - For your safety, promptly replace any damaged cord to minimize the risk of electrical shock.
12. WARNING - Accumulation of nitric acid can occur in the ozonator and injector air lines. Direct skin contact with nitric acid can cause chemical burns, so it is essential to wear protective gloves, glasses, and clothing while working on these components. Additionally, avoid blowing into any adapters, fittings, or tubing to prevent inhaling or ingesting harmful substances.
Please retain these instructions for future reference.

Our Experience:

After purchasing this Water Tank Ozonator, customers will receive the device itself and a series of accessories. These accessories include a PVDF ejector, a bubble stone, a PVDF check valve and a silicone tube. In other words, customers only need to make a simple connection to the device to use this product. The shell of this product is made of black ABS plastic, which provides enough strength to meet the daily wear and tear of long-term use. The accessories are also well made and of the same high quality as the device itself. The Water Tank Ozonator works well in our test. Also, it has a very low energy consumption at only 6W. It consumes very little electricity when it is in use.

What Customers Are Saying:

One of our customers said that the product worked as described, and it can quickly go to use after the purchase. Its works stably. It was bought to replace an old model. He found it worked with less noise than the previous one. Another customer told us that after using this Water Tank Ozonator, she found it to be more eco-friendly than any of her previous chemical washing products. In addition, the smell caused by the use of chemical products has gone. So far, the product she purchased has worked steadily for several months. Another customer commented that this product is very helpful in improving the water quality of the hot tub, helping to keep the water clear to the bottom. Also, ozone is less irritating to the eyes and nose. Another customer bought the product because his father was suffering from severe frostbite and infection. By using the ozonated water it generates, his hands and feet get very good treatment. Ozone water effectively prevents further spread of the infection.

How Do Ozonators Work?

Ozone, also known as active oxygen, has a strong oxidizing ability and is recognized as a broad spectrum and efficient oxidizing agent. Ozone can oxidize and kill toxic substances in air, water and food, remove odor, and kill common bacteria and harmful microorganisms such as E. coli, streptococcus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, mold, etc.

In nature, ozone formation in the lower atmosphere mainly involves the interaction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) with sunlight. Sunlight energy causes VOCs and NOx molecules to photolysis and react, producing a series of intermediate products, resulting in the formation of ozone. The artificial generation of ozone is usually achieved by generating plasma or corona discharge.

In the process of generating ozone by plasma discharge, the ozonator generates plasma through an electric field or discharge device, which is a gaseous state containing high-energy electrons and positive ions. These energetic particles can react with oxygen molecules in the air to produce ozone.

Corona discharge is a method of generating partial discharge in a gas through an electric field. In the process of generating ozone by corona discharge, the corona discharge device in the ozonator causes the decomposition of oxygen molecules. The broken oxygen atoms combine with oxygen molecules to produce ozone. Compared to plasma generation, corona discharge ozone generation is the most efficient way to produce large amounts of ozone using cool, dry ambient air. The ozonators we have here use this method of ozone generation.

As a strong oxidizing agent, ozone has important application directions in air and water. In the air, ozone can effectively improve indoor air quality. The ozone used in water can make all kinds of water cleaner and safer.

When used for air disinfection, the ozone process is an effective means of air purification to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms in the air. It involves the oxidation and decomposition of ozone. Ozone can cause the death of microorganisms by oxidizing cell membranes and important biomolecules within cells. It can also enter the cells of microorganisms and break down quickly. During decomposition, free oxygen atoms are created, and these highly active oxygen atoms react with the cellular components of the microbe. These reactions disrupt the structure and function of the microbes, leading to their death.

In water, ozone is also effective in killing bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. The oxidation of ozone is mainly achieved through direct reaction and indirect reaction.
There is a dominance of secondary oxidations in indirect reaction. This approach is superior than direct reaction because it is not selective. In the reaction, ozone slowly decomposes in multiple steps involving radical formation, such as free OH· radicals, which increase with pH. OH· radicals are oxygen species with an even more robust oxidation mechanism than that of ozone. It can react with the cell membrane of microorganisms and biomolecules inside the cell. This causes damage to the cell membranes of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms and oxidation of the biochemical components within the cells, eventually leading to their death. When the number of OH· radicals in a solution rises, it is called advanced oxidation process (AOP). This unique process causes dissolved solids to be oxidized by both ozone (direct) and OH· radicals (indirect).

Ozone also bleaches in water. Bleaching is due to the oxidizing properties of ozone, which can convert colored or organic materials into colorless or more stable inorganic products, thereby reducing the chroma of the water and removing organic pollutants. This is an important application of ozone in water treatment, as it can effectively remove pollutants and organic matter from the water and purify the water.

Ozone's ability to sterilize and bleach water makes it an important water treatment method for purifying drinking water, wastewater treatment, and disinfection and purification processes for water bodies such as swimming pools.

Why You can Trust Us

We have a factory that has been producing a wide range of ozonator and treatment equipment including ozonators for more than 30 years. Our factory has an illustrious history and demonstrates our expertise in this field. Product development and innovation continue to drive us. We have assembled a dynamic research and development team that constantly strives to push the boundaries of ozone technology. Our relentless pursuit of the best solutions ensures that our products are at the forefront of performance and efficiency, meeting the ever-changing needs of the global market.

Committed to international quality standards, our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art production equipment and a stringent quality control system. Our ozonator and treatment systems have a reputation for high performance and reliability across a wide range of industries. We offer individual solutions, tailored to each client's unique needs, ensuring the best results. We provide products and services to more than 1,000 customers around the world, and we are proud of the feedbacks from them.

Other Ozonators We Recommend

Faucet Sink Ozonator

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This CE and RoHS approved ozonator can bring out the powerful effects of ozone water in a variety of applications such as kitchens, laundry rooms, etc. Its shiny white shell and small, simple exterior design allow it to blend harmoniously into a variety of environments. Installed in the kitchen, it can help wash fruits, vegetables and meats, remove any bacteria, pesticide residues and hormones that may be on the surface and improve the level of food safety in the home. A proper concentration of ozonated water is available for laundry, which removes mold, fungus, bacteria, viruses and decompose petroleum hydrocarbon from clothing when it is used for laundry. In addition to work with a faucet, it can also be used with a water pipe via an ejector.

Without the use of any consumable parts, this ozonator can produce ozonated water with a concentration at 0.2-1 ppm without the use of oxygen. It contains an intelligent micro pulse operational control system to make it work automatically and a micro gas-liquid mixing system to promote the dissolution of ozone into water. When not in use, its auto standby and sleep functions can keep it in a state of low power consumption and wake-up at any time.

Under Sink Ozonator

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This small, silver-white ozonator can supply a steady concentration of 0.2-1 ppm of ozone water at a flow rate of 200-900L/h. It supports a voltage range of 100-240V and works at an ultra-low power level at 6W. The built-in micro gas-liquid mixing system can achieve rapid dissolution of ozone and water. It can provide ozonated water for washing machines in a laundry room for a higher level of purification and disinfection of clothes. It can also be installed under the basin of a bathroom to remove bacteria and pollutants more effectively when washing the face, improve the skin's respiratory function, promote blood circulation, and thus significantly improve the skin. To reduce power consumption, it has an intelligent micro pulse operational control system that allows it to automatically standby and sleep. It is CE and RoHS certified, making it reliable for its performance and long-term stability.

Mini Ozonator Air Purifier

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This mini white ozone air purifier features a specially designed speaker appearance. Buttons for switching and timing are located above the front panel. In addition to operation by buttons, a remote is also supported for a convenient use and control. It uses a safe voltage at 12V and features a 3-Level power adjustment function, which can be set to work for 24 hours. When in use, the working time of the device can be easily set by working with a power socket timer to provide appropriate processing time for different ozone disinfection applications. It can provide an ozone output at 200mg/h, which is sufficient for air and surface disinfection for a 100 square meters’ space. One of its advantages is that it is in small size, which makes it very convenient to use in small-sized family environments such as a cloakroom, wardrobe, closet, shoe cabinet, attic, toilet, etc.

5-8 ppm High Concentration Wall Mounted Ozonated Water Machine

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Equipped with a comprehensive range of air pretreatment equipment, the Commercial Ozonator ensures a consistent provision of ozonated water with concentrations ranging from 5 to 8 ppm, catering to various applications. Unlike the conventional approach of using air as the feed gas for ozone generation, this device incorporates a built-in PSA oxygen generator, air compressor, air dryer, and air pump. These additional components guarantee the delivery of highly pure oxygen for efficient ozone production. By utilizing oxygen for ozone generation, the detrimental formation of byproducts such as nitrogen oxides can be eliminated. Moreover, this Commercial Ozonator works automatically with the aid of the integrated water pressure sensor, streamlining its functionality.
It features a high-quality stainless steel shell, ensuring excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Its installation process is straightforward, requiring only a simple pipe connection prior to use. Depending on the specific application requirements, this ozonator is capable of delivering a water flow ranging from 200 to 1200L per hour. Moreover, customers can select the operating voltage between 110V and 220V according to their needs. Designed to mitigate the risk of contamination in various settings, such as commercial laundry, commercial kitchens, dining places, food processing factories, farms, clinics, nursing homes, offices, public toilets, and more, it offers a versatile solution for maintaining hygiene and disinfection. In addition, this ozonated water machine can also be used to prepare ozonated water with higher ozone concentration by circulating the water.

Portable Ozone Water Pipe Cleaning Machine

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This ozonator can be used to generate ozonated water by using an oxygen supply. It is capable of generating ozonated water at concentrations between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm.

Its stainless steel housing provides a higher strength and a better corrosion resistance. There is an LED display above the front panel to show the real-time working status of the device, with a knob-adjusting switch installed below. Three interfaces can be found at the bottom, which are water intake, oxygen input and ozonated water outlet. The water inlet and outlet are made of copper material, providing better rust resistance and durability. There is a sturdy and non-slip plastic handle at the top for easily carrying the device. The plastic material also provides a good insulation. Heat dissipation gaps have been arranged at the two sides of the shell to reduce the temperature of the device when it is working.

This Portable Ozone Water Pipe Cleaning Machine adopts a plug and play design. Its application environments include offices, retail stores, hotels, banks, gyms, schools, public toilets, etc. It also provides an optimal choice for pipelines, sewers and other locations where it is not suitable for long-term use of conventional ozone disinfection devices.


Ozonated water is water that has been treated with ozone gas, which is a highly reactive form of oxygen. The ozone is introduced into the water to disinfect it and remove impurities. It is commonly used for purifying drinking water, disinfecting surfaces and equipment, and treating water in various applications. Ozonated water has strong antimicrobial properties, neutralizes odors and flavors, and effectively eliminates contaminants.
Ozonated water, through its ability to eliminate bacteria, fungi, algae, and parasites, forms the basis of ozone water therapy. Consuming ozonated water allows direct contact between ozone and gut microflora, effectively eliminating harmful yeast and bacteria. This can improve gut health, reducing issues like bloating, digestive problems, weight gain, and acne. Additionally, drinking ozonated water is thought to reduce inflammation, benefiting individuals with conditions such as inflammatory bowel syndrome, migraines, digestive issues, and rheumatoid arthritis. It boosts the immune system, purifies and oxygenates the blood, enhances brain function, aids in detoxification, and offers topical benefits for healthy skin. Bathing in ozonated water can alleviate skin conditions and provide relief from muscle stiffness and pain.
Ozonating meat offers a range of potential benefits, including:
1. Elimination of bacteria and other microorganisms through inactivation: Ozone, a potent oxidizer, has the ability to eliminate surface bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens present on meat.
2. Prolonging of shelf life: Through the reduction of microorganisms on the meat, ozonation aids in preventing spoilage and extending the product's shelf life.
3. Keeping the original color and flavor: By retarding the oxidation process, ozone assists in preserving the color and flavor of meat.
4. Decreasing chemical residues: Certain studies indicate that ozonation could potentially contribute to the reduction of specific chemical residues, such as pesticides and veterinary drugs, found on meat.
It is crucial to recognize that the advantages of ozonation on meat can vary based on factors such as the particular application, ozone concentration, and other relevant considerations.
Certainly! Ozonating fruits and vegetables with a water ozonator is a straightforward process. Simply immerse them in cold water and ozonate for approximately 15 minutes. It is beneficial to use colder water, as it allows for better saturation of ozone in the water.
Moreover, the process of ozonating poultry, fish, or other meats is also feasible. To do so, immerse the meat in a sink filled with cold water and ozonate for a duration of 15 minutes or longer.
When using a water ozonator for these purposes, ensure separate bubble stones and tubes for drinking water, as well as for fruits and vegetables, and meats.
Utilizing ozone for sanitizing fruits and vegetables offers numerous advantages. Ozone surpasses chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and peracetic acid as a potent disinfectant. It demonstrates effectiveness against a broad spectrum of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, cryptosporidium, giardia, and more. Crucially, ozone has a short lifespan of only 10-20 minutes in water, breaking down into oxygen. Consequently, it avoids the production of harmful byproducts like chlorine or chlorine dioxide, preventing the contamination of salads with disinfection byproducts. Moreover, the easy discharge of used wash water is facilitated due to ozone's decomposition into harmless oxygen.
For effective ozonation of olive oil, it is recommended to utilize a medical-grade ozone unit that operates with pure oxygen. Ozonating olive oil using ambient air requires the oil to solidify, which can be a time-consuming process taking several days.
The horticulture industry has increasingly embraced ozone as a highly effective disinfectant surpassing chlorine and other chemical-based alternatives. Notably, ozone does not impact the levels of essential plant nutrients like phosphorus and potassium, as evidenced by tests. With its potent oxidizing properties, ozone effectively eliminates fungi, pathogenic bacteria, and waterborne viruses responsible for causing diseases.
Ozonated water has been used as a natural remedy for various skin conditions. It can help soothe skin irritations, promote wound healing, and reduce inflammation. However, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional for specific guidance on using ozonated water for skin conditions.
The FDA has granted approval for the safe and effective use of ozone as an antimicrobial agent in processing all types of food, including poultry meat, to ensure food safety. This authorization provides an alternative to conventional chemical antimicrobials, which may have hazards and leave behind harmful residues. Incorporating ozone in food processing enables manufacturers to ensure the safety and quality of their products, while also reducing expenses and promoting sustainability. Ozone has proven efficacy against various foodborne pathogens, making it a valuable tool in combating foodborne illnesses.
In August 2000, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of ozone as an antimicrobial agent for the treatment, storage, and processing of foods in both gas and aqueous phases, in response to a Food Additive Petition.
Yes, ozonated water is known for its ability to eliminate unpleasant odors. It can be used to remove odors from items such as clothes, shoes, carpets, and upholstery. Ozone oxidizes and breaks down the odor-causing molecules, effectively neutralizing the odor.
Ozone, having a short half-life, starts to degrade as soon as it is generated. It typically lasts for an average of 20 minutes in water before its concentration diminishes by half.
Ozone concentration level in water can be measured using an ozone meter. The most commonly used ozone meter types utilize the UV absorption principle, the semiconductor principle, or the electrochemical principle.
Ozonated water has a relatively short lifespan, typically ranging from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on factors such as ozone concentration and water temperature. It's advisable to use ozonated water soon after generation to ensure its effectiveness.
Ozone, having a neutral pH of approximately 7.0, does not impact the pH of water within the system. It lacks calcium, alkalinity, and dissolved solids, thus preserving the water balance. However, ozone can oxidize trace amounts of dissolved metals like iron, manganese, and copper, causing them to precipitate and be subsequently filtered out of the water.
A Water Ionizer divides water into acidic and alkaline streams. Alkaline water, known for its higher pH, is often used to promote body alkalization and enhance overall health. However, our testing has yielded varying outcomes. While ozonating a glass of alkaline water, we observed that the pH was occasionally slightly lower, while in other instances, there was no change in pH. Ozone should not affect the water's pH, and our experiments confirmed this.
Ozonated water can be used in hot water systems; however, it's important to consider the limitations and guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Higher temperatures can affect the stability and concentration of ozone in water, so it's essential to ensure compatibility with your specific ozonator model and follow the recommended temperature range.
Sterilizing water and purifying water are distinct processes, despite the similar-sounding nature of the terms.
Water sterilization involves eliminating bacteria, organic pathogens, and microbes from the water. It is an essential step in the overall process of water purification.
The process of water purification goes beyond sterilization and involves additional steps. To achieve water purification, filters are necessary to remove chemicals, minerals, heavy metals, and other particulate matter. A filtration system is essential for effective water purification.
When using the Multifunctional Water Ozonator for air purification, there is no need to attach the tube. Simply press the ON/OFF button to turn on the unit and use the Select buttons to select the desired ozone operating time. The ozone will be emitted directly through the air outlet, and once the timer countdown finishes, the unit will automatically stop working.
Products made in China have garnered an increased global recognition in recent years. The "Made in China" label, which was once associated with high production rates but low quality, has evolved significantly. Driven by persistent demands from both domestic and international purchasers, manufacturing capacity and product quality from China have undergone significant enhancements. With strengthened supervision policies across various levels, "Made in China" has gradually become synonymous with high quality.
China-made ozonators have gained a competitive edge in the global market. Purchasing ozonators from China is a more cost-effective option for worldwide purchasers. Moreover, China has a large pool of skilled labor forces. And years of industry experience have facilitated the development of experienced production teams. Therefore, products made in China also symbolize faster production rates, allowing for rapid responsiveness to purchaser requirements and an accelerated path to market.
Like with other products, the usual practices for purchasing ozonators from China include the purchase through purchasing agents, trading companies, third party platforms, or establishing a direct contact with the manufacturer. The following is a brief analysis of these approaches:
Purchasing agents: Purchasing agents offer specialized services such as market and supplier assessment, but this often rings a significant increase in costs. Furthermore, choosing a suitable purchasing agency requires a certain degree of research.
Trading companies: Experienced and well-resourced trading companies can simplify interactions between purchasers and manufacturers. Nevertheless, the associated fees imposed by these trading companies will increase the total purchase expenses. Meanwhile, purchasers will lose he chance to directly communicate with the product manufacturer.
Online B2B platforms: Online B2B platforms offer a wide selection of product suppliers to facilitate search and comparison of both products and pricing. However, choosing a reliable partner can be time-consuming. Moreover, online communication might easily lead to unclear messages.
Advantages of a direct contact with manufacturers: A direct contact with the manufacturer enables a direct dialogue between the two parties. This will reduce the intermediary steps, potentially leading to more favorable pricing level for the purchaser. An in-depth communication will further guarantee that the manufacturer receives the precise product specifications and production requirements from the purchaser.
Many manufacturers from China involved in international trade consider it essential to acquire globally recognized quality certifications like ISO9001. This means that their commitment to adhering to rigorous quality standards in the product manufacturing process, thereby ensuring the reliability and consistency of the products.
When selecting a manufacturer, factors such as production capacity, product quality, technical support, and reputation can be taken into account. Consulting customer reviews and visiting their production facilities can provide a clear insight into the strength of the manufacturer.
Many ozonator manufacturers from China possess the ability to customize products according to requirements from the customers. They are capable of designing and manufacturing ozonators according to the precise requirements of the purchasers. By doing this, they can ensure that the ozonators produced can satisfy the demands from the purchasers.
Ozonator manufacturers from China usually have efficient production capability, enabling them to be able to complete the production of ozonators in a relatively shorter time than their foreign counterparts. This will help to shorten the lead time and allow the purchaser to get their orders faster.
Indeed, many ozonator manufacturers from China are open to providing a certain level of discounts for bulk orders. This will to some extent help the purchasers to reduce their purchasing costs. The purchaser can engage in a negotiation with the manufacturer concerning the volume of the order and the applicable discounts to a particular order.
Almost all ozonator manufacturers from China provide comprehensive after-sales service including technical support and the supply of spare parts. This will help in maintaining the efficiency during the subsequent use.
Many ozonator manufacturers in China will give a warm welcome to global purchasers for an on-site visit to their production facilities. This will make it possible for the purchasers to learn more about manufacturers' production capacities and quality control processes.
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