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20g Ozone Generator for Home Office and Car Use

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Powerful Odor Elimination:

It can produce a high concentration of ozone that can quickly purify the air in the space.

Adjustable Timer:

With the use of an adjustable timer, the working time can be set easily as needed.

Portable Design:

The size of the device is 32cm*15.5cm*28cm, with the weight 4 kg. It can be placed anywhere. It can be widely used in household, boats, basements, pet nests, storage rooms, etc.

Dimensions35 × 15 × 28 cm
Capacity (CFM)


Voltage (V)


Power (W)


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Powerful Ozone Output:

20,000 mg ozone can be produced in 1 hour.
Suitable for use in large space over 2000 square feet.
Applies stainless steel mesh ceramic ozone sheet with lifespan over 20,000 hours.

Easy to Use:

Electronic Remote Control: Remote control without manual adjustment.
Easy Setting: Working hour adjustment at will.


Keep the space unoccupied by human or animals when in use.
Leave the space unoccupied within 0.5 hour after use for ozone evaporation.

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