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Questions about Ozonators

Where have your ozone generators been made?

All our machines are made in China, with all parts and components carefully selected from our cooperative partners.

What are the ozone plates used in your machine made of?

What we have been using are high quality ceramic plates coated with films. Some of our ozone plates have also been covered with stainless steel meshes. Such treatment can overcome the problems like the uneven distribution of ozone, being prone to cracking, poor insulation, short service life, etc. They can also be easily cleaned with water or preferably, alcohol.

How long can your ozone generators usually last?

Generally, all our ozone generators are designed to be using for at least 3 years. The service life of any product is affected by its frequency of use and maintenance it receives.

Why are there other products with the same amount of ozone available on the market at a lower price than yours?

We believe that with our own manufacturing plants, our products are highly competitive in pricing. But if you find similar products with much lower pricing on the market, there is a good chance they will have problems in the quality of their components and their manufacture. Or maybe it is because they used oxygen as the feed gas rather than air that we used. To make it clear, you can contact us. We will provide you with the details of our products.

I have once bought an ozone generator from you and found it good. May I wholesale and resell your machine?

You can. All our products are made in our own factory with a high level of quality control measures. You can contact us and hopefully we can be your supplier.

Can you provide an ozone treatment service?

No, because we conclude the business with you through foreign trade. It is not complicated to use an ozone generator. If you have any problem in using an ozone generator, you can contact our customer service at any time. They will provide you with timely answers.® - Since 2007

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We pay close attention to the need of our clients. Their demands are both the origin of our work and direction of our effort. We understand that without considerate service at every stage, even professional products are hard to shine.
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